Oceanic Horizons: Port Journeys & Liminal Cities

Oceanic Horizons: Port Journeys & Liminal Cities, is a series of creative happenings that occurred in three coastal sites throughout San Diego County for three days (June 11—13, 2015). Taking place in and around STAT-US, as part of the Exploring Engagement Artist-In-Residence Program through the Oceanside Museum of Art. The happenings highlight regional artists at the creative core of San Diego’s identity, alongside the work of Yui Inoue. As a whole, Oceanic Horizons focuses on a range of contemporary topics including: globalization, urbanization, cultural transformation, ecological awareness, explorations of San Diego civic identity, dependence on natural resources, individual autonomy, and spatial politics. These projects were curated by James Enos, Director of Exploring Engagement, with Lara Bullock and Tim Schwartz. Overall these projects are a continuation of Port Journeys, which is an ongoing exchange of artists between port cities around the world.

exploring-engagement-4Crossing The Line by Artists Armando de La Torre & Xareni Lizarraga – Pepper Park, Port of San Diego, National City, June 11, 2015

A collection and sound scape based on found sounds and artifacts at Pepper Park, as an investigation into the area’s ecology.



exploring-engagement-15The Sakman Chamorro Project by Mario Borja & Micki Davis – De Anza Cove, Mission Bay, June 12, 2015

The Chamorro craftsman Mario Borja and his crew prepared the Sakman Chamorro for launch. Visitors participated in the sail preparation and a drawing workshop.



exploring-engagement-20Roadside Tintype Photography Workshop & Processing by Shane Anderson – Carlsbad State Beach, June 13, 2015

Participants captured images with alternative analogue processes (pinhole, tintype, plastic camera) and developed those images a portable darkroom.


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